Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver

Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver

Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver: Are you stuck with Vivo Y77 5G Android smart Phone? Do you badly need to connect your device to your mac, or laptop desktop and wanna share or sync your valuable data? Are you facing multiple issues while transferring data on your mobile and getting into charging mode?  Is your Newly purchased mobile Vivo Y77 5G  not connected to your laptop or not showing on your computer? 

Connecting your Smartphone to the Windows computer is made possible by the Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver only. Without installing USB Driver Software, you can’t sync your Smartphone to your PC.  To Sync your data, flash or install Stock Firmware (OS), and fix software-related issues are all possible with the all-in-one USB Driver.

Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver
Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver

The main problems for all those issues due to caused by the missing Vivo Y77 5G USB drivers or corrupted drivers or might be missing drivers in your computer or laptop. In order to fix the problem of the Vivo Y77 5G phone not connecting to a computer, download the Vivo Y77 5G USB driver and install it directly on your laptop or computer. 

This article will answer all those questions if you are experiencing any of the above problems. Yes, you are at the right place,  your problems will be fixed today.  Don’t worry. 

Before proceeds…

It is necessary for your Windows computer to have Vivo USB drivers installed in order to connect your Vivo Y77 5G to a computer or laptop using a USB cable. Now you might be worried about where you can get download the Vivo Y77 5G USB driver.

Don’t worry we have shared with you the official USB driver for VIVO Y77 5G and the ADB interface Bridge Drivers and fastboot driver, which are compatible with Windows 11, and Windows 10.  This driver also supports lower versions of windows like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Window server editions also.

Download Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver

You can use the Vivo Mobile Phone drivers here for flashing stock firmware, flashing stock recovery, flashing TWRP recovery, flashing CWM recovery, or unlocking the bootloader. Furthermore, it can be used for general purposes such as transferring media, documents, and other files from one device to another.

As soon as the Android USB Driver for Vivo Y77 5G is installed, you’ll be able to connect Vivo Y77 5G as an MTP USB device (MTP Transfer Protocol). Images, videos, documents, and other files can be transferred from your phone to your computer when it is connected as an MTP device.

Vivo Y77 5G ADB driver and Fastboot driver must be installed on your computer in order to pass ADB and Fastboot commands to your phone.

Why Vivo Y77 5G Driver for Windows/Mac is Important?

Now the question coming into your mind why Vivo Y77 5G driver is so important for your Windows laptop or desktop even mac book?  Well, the reason is quite simple. Without using a driver softer you can connect your device to your laptop. 

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The Vivo USB Driver works as a bridge connection and allows you to connect your Vivo Smartphone to your laptop computer and you can easily transfer files between them. It also helps you to synchronize your smartphone data with your computer easily. It helps to prevent data from losing providing you with backup existing data into your PC.   Not only that you can also flash your smartphone using stock firmware without visiting a phone repair shop, which might save you a few hundred dollars. 

Vivo USB driver installations
Vivo USB driver installations

The Vivo driver may need to be installed on the computer in several circumstances to make the device work with it properly. Here are a few of them which might be vital for you…

  1. To transfer your Audio, Video, pdf or any kind of vital files between your Vivo Smartphone to your laptop PC or from your laptop/PC to your Vivo Smartphone.
  2. Computer or laptop data synchronization.
  3. Use your mobile Data for internet access to your laptop pc.
  4. To access your Vivo Smartphone messages and bulk edit or delete them.
  5. For bulk deletion of junk files and free up your Vivo smartphone device, increase speed and space.
  6. To install the new Stock Firmware (OS) on the device.
  7. To flash your abnormally running sluggish smartphone. It’s also handy when trying to flash your Vivo smartphone due to software issues.
  8. To Write/Flash IMEI on the Device.
  9. To get back from recovery mood. 

Download Vivo Y77 5G Driver

Driver Name:
Driver Size: 8.27 MB

Driver Version: v1.2.0
How to Install: Follow the Guidelines Provided below
Compatible with: Windows Computer( Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8.1)

How to Install any Vivo USB Driver Manually | How to install MediaTek driver in windows 10

  1. First Download and extract the USB driver software into your laptop computer/PC computer.
  2. Now just run .exe files and follows accordingly.
  3. If this system does not work for you. Follow the below options.
  4. Open Device Manager (devmgmt.msc)
  5. Click on the Computer Name > Action Menu > Add Legacy Hardware.
  6. Click on the Next button which will be shown below.
  7. Select the Install the hardware that I manually Select from a list.
  8. Click the checkbox Click on the Next button, and again click on the Next button.
  9. Now Click on Have Disk>Browse>Locate the file folder
  10. Now find .inf file( Which will be in extracted driver folder Medu)
  11. Now select the .inf file and click Open Button.
  12. Now Click on the Finish Button it will automatically complete the full installations without any human interruptions.
  13. Now Boom!! You did it
  14. Check using connecting USB cable your device should be connected easily. 


Is Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver Safe?

Yes. It is completely safe to install the Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver on a computer, laptop, or Vivo phone. In addition, since the Vivo Community has officially released the driver, you can use it on your computer with 100% confidence.

What is Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver?

Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver is free software that helps you install Vivo’s drivers quickly and easily on your Windows computer. Vivo USB driver comes in handy when you are trying to transfer files between your Vivo smartphone to your computer or from your computer to your Vivo Smartphone. 

What is the process for installing the Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver? (MediaTek driver package setup)

Just Download the MediaTek driver auto installer .exe file and install the driver on your computer to install the Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver. It is very similar to the installation process for standard Windows applications. If you need help installing the drivers, you can refer to the How to install the Vivo Drivers page.

Does Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver come free of cost?

That’s right. Since the Vivo community has officially released the Vivo Y77 5G USB Driver, it is 100% free.

How to install MediaTek driver auto installer

This process of installing Meditek Driver auto-installer is quite simple and straightforward and follows the standard windows installation process. Just like any other windows file installing process, it’s also the same just follow the instructions above and you are done.  

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