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How to Change Router IP Address?

How to Change Router IP Address? This is a million-dollar question. It is very for some people and for some it’s really a very much difficult task for them. But don’t worry we are here we will guide you on how you can change your Router IP ( local IP address easily).

All you know that a default gateway IP address comes pre-assigned by your ISP i.e Your Internet service provider. But don’t worry You can configure or masked your IP as per your requirement. It will help you to prevent bad guys to enter into your router Admin Panel, Prevent your device setting being messed up by unathorized access. Not only that chaning IP will make an extra layer to prevent DDoS attacks and give your device an extra layer of special secuirty. So without wasting time lets find out few popular and widely used Router setting to change the local IP address of those device.

Wifi Router Firmware Update
Wifi Router Firmware Update

How to change TP-Link Router IP Address?

While Changing your Router IP, Router Local Ip is very easy. Now we will guide you on how to change TP-Link Router IP change. If you have this company device then you can follow these below steps and you will be done.

  1. First, log in to Router Admin Panel using your favorite Brower URL Bar using default Ip address or or or you can check The list from Here.
  2. Now after Landing Admin Panel Just Visit Settings>Network>LAN
  3. Now Click on “IP Address” and Choose your desired address which may want to impose with replace of Default one such as you may take or You may take as etc whichever you want.
  4. Now after choosing synthetic IP just Hit/Click on the Save Button router will be reboot immediately and changes setting will be applied.

Please Note: While changing default password Save it the Newly created password in a secure place or write down in your diary so that you can access it in future if needed. Because After changing Default gateway Password to New one Older password no loger work.

How to change the D-Link Router IP address?

Actually, The basic setting of this router is nearly the same. To change the D-Link IP address just follow the below step.

  1. Just go to the Admin dashboard page using Default Browser typing IP address or
  2. Just Fill in the Username and Password (default username: Admin and Password: Admin/1122) you can check the bottom sticker bearing Ip address and password and username.
  3. Now You need to go to Setup>Network Settings.
  4. Find out the Router IP address field and change it as preferred IP and save it.

How to change IP address of JioFi router?

The process of Default IP change of the Jiofi 4G 2/3/4 Router LTE Modem’s quite the same. As we already said the basic of the systems of these available modems is same just there something changed due to degradation and brand to makes them different.

To change the Jio 4G LTE Modems JioFi 2,3,4 IP address Just follow these steps-

Step-1. Just Launch your favorite Brower and after connecting your modem from your computer.

Step-2. Now Type in URL bar or or you can visit DNS address htttp://jiofi.local.html

Step -3. Now You need to fill the sign box Username and Password and hit the Sign in Button. Default user login Username and Password is administrator/administrator.

Step-4: After login, Admin Dashboard will appear in front of you. Now just follow the step- Setting>Network>LAN
under Host IP address you can see the default address is or just change it according to your wish and click on Apply Button

Step-5: Under the LAN setting you can also get the default IP address as above and Default Subnet Mask Id as and other details like Starting IP Address as and Ending IP address as etc.
You can change them as per the allowance of your device and your requirement. And when Everything is done just click on Apply Button and the new setting will take place within Few seconds and the device will take a reboot to apply the new settings.

So this is how we can also change the IP address of Jiofi LTE 4G modem.

How to change The NETGEAR Router IP address?

Another popular Router is NETGEAR, Which is widely used in various country. And Many people may face to change the default settings into new one. Today we will discuss about the Netgear router IP addsress setting. Those who are in in trouble can go through this guideline. Step by step methods has been given bellow.

  1. Just Visit your favorite browser URL and type or or you can visit the Bellow address which is the default address for your Netgear Router device. or These two address also works as a default address for Netgear device.
  2. Now in credentials just Put Username as Admin, and Password is Admin/Password or Blank
    which is by default has been set for this device.
  3. Once Logged in to the Main dashboard, You need Just Go through Advance>Setup>LAN Setup.
  4. Under LAN Setup Tab you may find TCP/IP Setup you will see IP Address which is already there as a default setup. Now change it according to your requirements like or or any other setup you may like.
  5. Now Hit the “Apply Setting” and the System will Take a reboot to update the new setting

Please Be alert that while changing the password you need to write down before they hit the button of Apply Setting. Because after Click on the Apply setting button it will take and apply the setting and old username and password as well as the default gateway IP address will be not in work anymore.

2ndly IF you face any problems during this process and faces Something goes wrong, then you have only one way left just hard reset your router and the router will be default factory settings within few seconds and all customization and previous setting will be reverted back to the default setting. Now you can follow the above step one by one.

Wifi Signal Ip Address Change
Wifi Signal Ip Address Change


To prevent your device from unauzthorized access and protecting your WiFi network is most important things, because if you fail to protect your private wifi network then any one can get access your internet which you pay for. Not only that they can mess with setting with your WiFi device and slowdown your internet speed. Attacking with Ddos attack bad guys can steal your sensitive personal data easily.

So you need to enable WPA2 encryption which will add an extra layer of security. Setting a Strong password gives you another strong shield to break it. You can Disable WPS ads so that no one can easily access your wifi not even join with your private network. You can apply MAC- address filtering which also gives you another layer of security and you can track easily. Last but not the least you may update your Router firmware so that your device will be up to date and secure with new security with upgraded version and bug-free and loops holes less device. If you want to protect your device from unauthorized access you can visit this post- How You can Protect your WiFi network from unauthorized access.


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