How to Check the WiFi Signal Strength?

WiFi is the most reliable source for accessing the Internet and is recommended for uninterrupted Internet service at a decent speed. It is very easy to connect with your device. But sometimes we see that the speed is getting slow down, and the pages in the browser are taking a long time to load.

The speed of downloading and uploading is slow and fast many times when you move from one place to another inside your house. It means that the signal strength is not the same over the house and you experience different speeds at different places. Here you will know how to check your Wi-Fi signal strength.

Easiest Way To Check The WiFi Signal Strength

You need to check the signal strength for finding the best spot with a good network. It is very easy to find out the signal strength of your WiFi Network. You can see signal bars that show the signal strength of WiFi in your devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

These signal bars indicate your WiFi signal strength. If bars are empty, that means there is no signal. Less number of bars indicates the lower signal strength. The higher the number of these bars the stronger the signal of WiFi you are connected to is. You can walk around your house while connected to WiFi and check the signal bars. The WiFi signal bars of your device will be going down when you go away from the router.

This is one of the easiest methods to test WiFi signal strength. But it doesn’t provide you with the numerical value or exact information. The more reliable process of checking the signal strength is the apps that are made for this purpose only. You can get many reliable apps on the App Store, Play Store, and Microsoft store. You can also search the signal strength measuring applications on google.

How To Measure WiFi Signal Strength

WiFi Signal Strength dBm: The unit of WiFi signal strength is Decibels Relative to a Milliwatt (dBm). It ranges on the scale from -30 to -90. Your signal strength is perfect if the scale shows -30.

This is possible when you are present very close to the network. And -90 means your signal strength is very weak. It happens when you are far away from the router, or you might have a connection issue.


  • What is a good WiFi Signal Strength?
    You can check your WiFi Signal Strength in different ways. If the WiFi signal bars are full, it means you have good WiFi Speed. You can check Signal Strength by using some apps in dBm. For good WiFi signal strength, the range on the scale from -30 to -60 dBm.

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