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You may probably have noticed that routers and modems have no display or any kind of visual settings itself, except a hard reset button and some signal or battery remaining bar, etc. Then how are these routers and modems being operated? Yes, in this article we will learn and let you know step by step methods, what is and other private and local IPs are and what their significance is. basically is a private IP address that is used to log in to many routers and modems as the default gateway192.168.l.l is also a predefined private IP address which is by default set by the many routers and modem manufacturing companies on their products to gain the router admin access and configure their router’s settings and networks according to users demand necessity. login login

To get into the Admin panel and login dashboard of a router if not worked then you must try these IP address one by one. or 192.168.o.1,,,,, etc, these are few address which is being used to gain access.
Similarly, 192.168.l.l also used as pre-specified private IP which is a router manufacturing company always set as the default gateway address, so that users can make changes according to their requirements in their purchased router’s device settings.

How to Login to

If you already messed with your router or you need to put an extra layer of security to prevent bad guys from unauthorized access to your valuable routers, or if you have just purchased your new modem or Router or Dongle want to set a new password from your own and want to set according to your requirements then you are the right place.

Just follow the bellow step to login in into

January 1, 2019

Step – 1

Open your default Browser and
Just go to this URL or type into the browser’s URL bar.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Step – 2

As soon as you hit the Enter button A login page will appear.
Just You need to put the correct username and password into the Predefined box

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Step – 3

After Entering the correct Username and Password just hit Enter.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Step – 4

As soon as you hit Enter You will now be logged in To the Admin Panel of the Dongle or Router or Modem.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Step – 5

Please Note: If the above-mentioned methods don’t work and you not able to get into the admin Dashboard using, then you must try other possible different private IP addresses like Or

January 1, 2019

In short login Process

Just follow these steps and you will ge logged in into the Admin panel

Step -1: Just Open your default browser and visit the link or type in the browser address bar this Private Ip and Hit Enter.

Type on URL Bar
Type on URL Bar

Step-2: When Login Dashboard will appear just fill the username and password into the designated fields given.

Step-4: Now, After filling Username and Password(If you are using the first time your new device) which is printed into the backside of the device into the sticker just hit Enter.

Username and Password Admin Login page
Username and Password Admin Login page

Step-5: Now You’re logged into the Admin Panel of the Router/Modem/Dongle that you have.

Please Note: If the above-mentioned methods do not work for you. You must have try other Private IP which may lead you to the admin dashboard. The others possible private IPS are 192.168.o.1,, 192.168, 192.169.l.l or To know all those working IPS please visit Here, or you can check the backside of the Device where a default password and username will be provided in a sticker pasted back side of the router.

What if you Forgot IP Address Username and Password?

If you forgot the username and password which you have set in a previous way then you can be in trouble. But don’t worry using this simple step and guideline you can recover it very easily. So just follow the steps and you will know everything about how to recover forgotten IP address username and passwords.

If your Ip address, username, and Password are lost and unable to gain access to that device then you can easily get into access just you have to follow a few steps which are given bellow

  • Just go through the user manual provided with the device while purchasing the new device. Or You can check the back of the device where a printed sticker will be there bearing the password, username, and Private IP address for login into the Admin panel.
  • If you don’t Find out that and stickers have erased printed data then You can Check Default Username and Password And IP list from Here.
  • If everything goes right and your stickers bearing username password and Ip which is printed backside you find out then you can proceed with the above-mentioned methods.
  • If you have already changed the password and forget that last password and IP address then You have to HARD RESET your device.
  • To get the default factory setting just find out small hidden reset Button which is back or side or somewhere else and using a paper clip or a needle or pin Just Press the button and hold it for 15-30 seconds.
  • After that just release, the button and router will be a rebooted and reset itself and will be back to its company default setting immediately.
  • Now you can follow the above-mentioned methods and you will gain access to the admin panel once again.

How to change the router login password?

The very first thing you should do after gaining access to the Admin panel in your router dashboard, you need to change the default password and IP of the router so that you can prevent bad guys from taking unauthorized access. Not only that changing the default password and Ip the device will be more secure and prevent changing the setting.

If you leave the default password as it, then it might have a good chance any bad guys can mess with your device. So protection should be taken first so that you can prevent bad guys from disabling your wireless security and capturing your personal without your attention.

To change your router’s password which is very easy Just follow the steps–

  • Step-1: Go to the URL bar of your default web browser and Enter your Router’s IP address or whichever is fit for you.
  • Step-2: Login With Default Username and Password
  • Step-3: Now Go to the Settings from the dashboard
  • Step-4: Select Change Router/Modem Password in the Predefined box
  • Step-5: Enter the New password and reconfirm putting it again
  • Step-6: Now hit the Save button and you are done with new settings.

Please keep in mind while changing the password you should choose a strong password containing a special character, upper and lower case letters, and numeric value combination, and should be a minimum of eight character lengths. So that it can be very very hard to break that one.


How to Change Router IP Address?

Before state that how to change the Router IP address, we must know and need a clear knowledge of what is Public IP and what is Local IP address that we are frequently using.

The default Public IP is offered by the Internet service provider and it is beyond your power to control it. As the name suggests public Ip address, it is basically the Internet service provider who provides you a uniques address for your computer, by using that you can connect to the Network. It can also be reflected the same when you visit to check your Ip address using What Is my IP or using the it will reflect the same IP to which you are currently connected.

Your Public Ip address which has already been assigned to your computer from where you getting your internet service provider, you can’t change and have zero control over it. Some ISP’s service providers sometimes provide static Ip addresses to their customers. You can change it to dynamic when you made a request for it.

On the Other hand, the Local IP address is only assigned to Router, Modem, Dongle or any other device which you personly used to login dashboard or Admin panel or to change or masked the main IP just like VPN.

Most of the Popular brands like D-Link, TP-Link, NETGEAR, JioFi 2 ROUTER, JioFi 3 router, or any other dongle, etc. And funny thing is that set of these routers is nearly the same, has not much different from each other. This means the Basic pattern is always the same to make it handy and user-friendly.

Now You have learned about the difference between a Public Ip address and a Local Ip address, now the time has come to explore the settings…..

How to change Ip address of your router-

  • Go to your favorite browser and type local Ip address which is printed on Backside or or check the above IPS if your sticker is not there.
  • Now when you type your predefined local IP and hit Enter You will be asked to username and password
  • Now fill that designed filed with username and password
  • Now You will be in the Dashboard find out Setting >Network Setting>IP setting
  • Now Choose the new Ip address like or any new Ip which you wanted to set for you.
  • Now Hit Save Button and Setting will be saved with New IP.

Please Note: After you have changed your Router’s IP address, your Old Ip address no longer be functional. You can log in using your old Ip. So While changing please be sure that you have noted down your new Ip which you have just set for your future use. Next time when you need to enter your router Admin dashboard you need to use that New Ip instead of the Old one.

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